We're proud to be working with clients both big and small, residential and commercial. We just love to paint cool stuff!

One of our best projects for 2019. Two-day project in Staffordshire.

Browse through all of our Character Murals which may spark some inspiration to transform something of your own.

This was a young girls Christmas Present, so we had to make sure it was extra special!

Based in Stafford, this gym space was sleek, pristine and needed two walls transformed with complimentary imagery.

We spent two days completely transforming this blank canvas into a prehistoric landscape, filled with various dinosaurs (including the most feared T-Rex of course).

Is that Thomas The Tank racing Disney Cars? Yes, it is!

We spent an entire week using a scissor lift to paint this huge wall space!

This two-day project in Birmingham was painted for a young boy's bedroom with three of their favourite superhero characters!

We had over 27,000 views when we uploaded the video of this project!

We spent just 4 days painting this vibrant coral scene for a very cool garden space.

Unicorns, do we really need to say anymore! Possible the most requested imagery this year, with a variety of styles, colours, and effects the possibilities are endless for these mythical creatures!

An ever-growing trademark of ours, The Controller?

Say Hi, we're a friendly team, so don’t hesitate to fire any questions our way. Tell us the basics of the project, the wall sizes, initial design ideas, your location and we’ll get started!