Below are some of the most common questions we get asked about our process, preparation, after-care and payment. We hope this helps...

Yes, but don't worry, we come prepared with all kinds of sheets, masking tape, and even towels to ensure we leave the space as clean as I found it.

Yes, we only use aerosol paint and it really is strong-smelling stuff ( pleasant but toxic ) .. luckily for you, an open window is sufficient enough to help guide the smell out of the room between 24-48 hours (Time varies depending on how much work is being completed)

Simply fill in the form over on our contact page and wait to here from us.

No, any bare plaster walls must be sealed and primed with white emulsion ready for me to arrive and paint the mural.

Yes, deposits vary however most likely it would be 25% of the total amount. With the remaining being paid on completion of the work.
Deposits are none refundable unless it is our cancellation of the project.

Yes, if possible remove all valuable items and any other items that can not be removed from the room, please place as far away as possible, grouped together and covered with a sheet.

Time will vary depending on the wall size, your location and design ideas. We will give you a clear guideline with all information on replying to your message.

Indefinitely, once dry the aerosol paint is very duarable stuff and will remain the way we painted it until you decide to paint over it.

Again, Indefinitely.. providing the wall is prepared properly prior to us painting the mural it will last just as it would inside, however, one thing that can't be helped is the suns relentless beams of light that will eventually fade the painting slightly over a process of many many years.

Yes, simple emulsion straight over it while waving goodbye.